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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editors/Printers
2014-10-27Bicardus, ArielBicardus, Ariel-
2014-10-27Aguayo Aldemunde, Ignacio-Aguayo Aldemunde, Ignacio
2014-10-27Desaint, Jean (impresor)-Desaint, Jean (impresor)
2014-10-27Saillant, Charles (impresor)-Saillant, Charles (impresor)
2014-05-30Nivelle, Sébastien--
2014-05-30Oporinus, Johann--
2014-05-30Nuyts, Philipe--
2014-05-30Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, Juan--
2014-05-30Monfort y Asensi, Manuel--
2014-05-30Gouwen, Gillem Vander--